Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Risk analysis

Action to prevent / manage risk

1. Loss of key staff
The proposed staff are already in post, and are enthusiastic about the project. In addition there is a large pool of digital project staff on whom to draw within the Institute, should anyone leave or be otherwise unavailable.

2. Low participation of user community in usability / learnability testing
The pilot project established an excellent relationship with the user community, many of whom expressed a willingness to be involved in the further development of ReScript. The project will maintain and build upon this relationship.

3. Inability sufficiently to implement the recommendations from the usability / learnability testing exercise
The prioritised recommendation and the AGILE approach to implementation will ensure that the most important recommendations will be implemented first. Realistic user and funder expectations will be ensured through regular communication.

4. 'Onion' interface model proves to be technical or conceptually unfeasible
The essential idea that the editing and research interface offers an array of functions with differing complexity will invariably remain correct. The careful analysis and implementation of the project will, in any case, result in an interface considerably improved in terms of usability and learnability.

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