Wednesday, 21 December 2011

'Some users will need to be able to track the changes that have been made to a document': ReScript editing issue 8

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Some users (for instance editors) will need to assess other users' work and will need to compare different versions of the same document.

Impact severity

Insert links to the entire version history of a document, in reverse chronological order.

The transcription of a document will lead to certain decisions being made by the user on structure as well as mark-up. A version feature would enable editors to see how users have interpreted guidance, and provide practical feedback for future work.

Figure 8—1: we learn from our mistakes, and currently there is no way for a user to see the exact changes which an editor has made on one of their documents.
Quantitative measure
Click where you would expect to access and view a previous version of this document

Actual question

Click where you would expect to access and view a previous version of this document

Initial click test result ('before')
November 2011: 120 responses.

Figure 8—2: before
Development change
Inclusion of a folder tab entitled 'version history', appearing third in the folder structure, and giving links to previous versions.

Figure 8—3: new folder tab
Follow-up click test result ('after')
December 2011: 90 responses.

Figure 8—4: after

Clear grouping of clicks on the appropriate folder tab, objective has been met. The alignment of question wording with interface seems to improve the chance of click test success - however, this wording is generated from qualitative interviews therefore it is fair to assume that by institutionalising it at an early stage, we have made the process more robust.

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