Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'There is currently no “keyword search” function': ReScript querying issue 8

Page section
Index; Search legend


It is currently not possible for users to conduct full text searches using keywords.

Impact severity

Replace the current Search legend with a “Super Search” form which includes a simple keyword search function here.

It is currently not possible for users to search on terms that are not included in the Index, e.g. scripture references such as “1 Peter”.
Figure 8—1: no free-text search feature

Quantitative measure
Where would you click to search on all inclusions of scripture verses from 1 Peter?

Actual question
Where would you click to search for all records with scripture verses from 1 Peter ?

Initial click test result ('before')
September 2011: 89 responses.
Figure 8—2: Before

Development change
The publication's home page is now quite configurable, and contains a box to search on article titles (with a jQuery powered auto-complete function), as well as a conventional free-text search.
Figure 8—3: not one but two search boxes (three if you include the full site search)

Follow-up click test result ('after')
November 2011: 330 responses.
Figure 8—4: After

The article title search box on the main left panel attracted some clicks (erroneously) but the clear majority plumped for the correct sidebar option, with a few going for the wider site search at the head of the page. Search is so important that having a couple of options is a strength, but there must be swift feedback if a user is entering the wrong kind of information; for instance, using the article title search to look for a keyword.

Bruce Tate, Project Manager
Donna Baillie, Project Officer

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