Wednesday, 7 December 2011

'There is currently not enough information about the source being searched in the results pages': ReScript querying issue 6

Source page

Learnability, Memorability

There is currently no information, apart from its title, about the source being searched.

Impact severity

  1. Include a brief description of the source directly underneath the name; and
  2. create a clickable image that takes users to a stand-alone page with comprehensive information about the source.

Users reported that it would be useful to have information about the source documents being searched on the individual source search pages.
Figure 6—1: the scope and provenance of this source is absent

Quantitative measure
Where on this page would you expect to find background information about the Alumni Oxonienses?

Actual question
Click where you would expect to find background information about the 'Alumni Oxonienses'.

Initial click test result ('before')
September 2011: 89 responses.
Figure 6—2: Before

Development change
Inserted a new link to the publication in the title bar, a short bibliographic description in the first sidebar, and a link to create a citation.
Figure 6—3: bibliographic information appears in two locations, the title and sidebar

Follow-up click test result ('after')
November 2011: 330 responses.
Figure 6—4: After

The response was split between the title and sidebar and was very successful overall. The sidebar has the further attribute of leading into the contextually relevant calendar function which permits highlighting of matching attributes in the text. By associating the publication with these functions, users should have an accurate understanding of the kinds of queries which will be successful with this source.

Bruce Tate, Project Manager
Donna Baillie, Project Officer

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