Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'Variant spellings currently have to be searched on separately': ReScript querying issue 7

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All spelling variants currently have to be searched on separately.

Impact severity

In the redesigned search form, provide two options: one for searching individual spelling variants, and one for searching all variants together.

There are currently several spellings for many search items, e.g. agewe.
Figure 7—1: each user must combine different spellings by hand

Quantitative measure
Where would you click to search on all variant spellings of “agewe”?

Actual question
Where would you click to search on variant spellings of the word 'widow' ?

Initial click test result ('before')
September 2011: 89 responses.

Figure 7—2: Before

Development change
Creation of a thesaurus model for each publication which would permit suggested expansions for queries. These will also be filterable for particular predicates, e.g. suggest farmer only when marked up as an occupation, not a surname.
Figure 7—3: a search for widow here has returned a couple of editor-controlled expansions

Follow-up click test result ('after')
November 2011: 330 responses.
Figure 7—4: After

These will be opt-in; the user must choose to add them to their query, forcing them to think about how the source is written. It also indicates where the source has particular areas of strength which if simply narrated in the 'About the source' section could be missed by the majority of users. The objective has been pretty clearly met.

Bruce Tate, Project Manager
Donna Baillie, Project Officer

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